Friday, May 25, 2012

Overspill of Emotions

I don't want to be the "whiney over weight girl" but hopefully when I am at the end of this weight loss journey and look back I will appreciate my honesty:) I am about to be 26 years old and I have struggled with my weight since middle school years. I am currently ............246lbs.........OMG I can't beleive that I just told my actual weight! The only person who I've told is my husband, which I'm still even emmbarassed to tell him that! So needless to say I have at least 50 lbs to the minimum!

First and foremost I want to do this for myself. I don't feel like myself anymore. I don't have that "get up and go" like I used to... I'm unhappy with the way I look, I want to be a better healthier wife and mother, I want to feel better in general. I want to be that wife or mother that people say OMG that's your wife?!?! or OMG that's your mom?!?!  I want them to be proud of me...

I will be starting Weight Watchers online very soon. I have never tried Weight Watchers before... I usually do the Atkins diet. I like the Atkins diet, but I get burnt out on it after a week or so.

I will be keeping a track of my progress and yes posting pictures too...OHHHH that makes me cringe thinking of it...

Current Weight: 246lbs
Favorite meal: Mongolian Beef or chicken potstickers
Favorite snack: plain chips dipped in hot wing sauce
Favorite drink: Diet Mt. Dew

Wish me luck:) I'm gunna need it!

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