Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Year Later

Welllll....... Here I am a year later..... still 246 pounds. Shortly after my last post I fell off the wagon (like less than a week) and I gave up. Why do people do that? Why do I do that? Start something, fall off the wagon, and give up.... why not "dust yourself off and try again!" How'd ya'll like that old Aaliyah song reference? ha!
Today is day one of dieting....again. I am trying the Atkins diet b/c I think it's propbably the only one I can do and not feel deprived!
I have realized here recently that some people have no tact! Two different people have made comments to me aout my weight within the past week and it just crushed me! I would NEVER, even to the largest person alive, comment on someones weight! One of the people I knew and the other person was a complete stranger.
I will hopefully take pictures and continue posting! My biggest goal right now is making it day by day.

My current weight:  246lbs
My current clothing size:  20- pants  XL-XXL- tops
short term goal:  take each day one at a time
long term goal:  to feel good again
Goal weight: 170lbs ( I know that it still heavy for me, but I felt good and looked good at this weight)

This picture was taken less than a week ago on Mothers Day. I am on the left. I was not thrilled when I saw myself in this picture. What a motivating pic for me to lose this weight!!

This picture I was about 175ish lbs and I felt great! I want to get back to this! I am on the right.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Overspill of Emotions

I don't want to be the "whiney over weight girl" but hopefully when I am at the end of this weight loss journey and look back I will appreciate my honesty:) I am about to be 26 years old and I have struggled with my weight since middle school years. I am currently ............246lbs.........OMG I can't beleive that I just told my actual weight! The only person who I've told is my husband, which I'm still even emmbarassed to tell him that! So needless to say I have at least 50 lbs to the minimum!

First and foremost I want to do this for myself. I don't feel like myself anymore. I don't have that "get up and go" like I used to... I'm unhappy with the way I look, I want to be a better healthier wife and mother, I want to feel better in general. I want to be that wife or mother that people say OMG that's your wife?!?! or OMG that's your mom?!?!  I want them to be proud of me...

I will be starting Weight Watchers online very soon. I have never tried Weight Watchers before... I usually do the Atkins diet. I like the Atkins diet, but I get burnt out on it after a week or so.

I will be keeping a track of my progress and yes posting pictures too...OHHHH that makes me cringe thinking of it...

Current Weight: 246lbs
Favorite meal: Mongolian Beef or chicken potstickers
Favorite snack: plain chips dipped in hot wing sauce
Favorite drink: Diet Mt. Dew

Wish me luck:) I'm gunna need it!